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8 Things That Will Set Apart A CDS™ From Other Data Scientists

Chartered Data Scientist™, a professional accreditation provided by the Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) aims to provide the highest distinction to those earning the title, in the data science field. CDS™ program is a self-study program culminating to an exam, without the need to undergo training or course completion. Being a CDS™ charter holder can provide professionals with an opportunity to stand out from other data scientists, and with this article, we bring 8 things that will set apart Chartered Data Scientist™ from a regular data scientist. This charter has lifetime validity and hence it does not expire.

1| In-depth understanding of applied analytics skills: Taking CDS™ exam means that the candidate has to go through an extensive examination that consists of questions around the latest tools and techniques in the field. It means that the candidate is apprised of the latest trends in data science and has tested their knowledge against an elite pool of data scientists from around the world. CDS™ is a testimony of having specialized and practical knowledge that can be applied in the industry. CDS™ candidates are hands down better equipped with the latest skill sets and data science trends. It indicates that the candidate has skills and knowledge to help organisations succeed in today’s rapidly changing global landscape.

2| Industry-relevant experience: Apart from passing the exam conducted by ADaSci, a CDS™ charter holder has to have a minimum of two years of work experience as a data scientist. While it can be taken by even students and those willing to make a transition into the data science industry, the certification is provided to a candidate only on showcasing a minimum of two years of experience in the field. This ensures that unlike other certifications and courses, CDS™ candidate not only has the relevant skills but an experience to put those skills into practice. 

3| Networking with an elite pool of data science professionals: Having a CDS™ not only ensures a better understanding of the skill sets but also that the candidate has networking and connections with an expert pool of data scientists working in leading companies. It provides an opportunity to build a prestigious network and connect with an exclusive group of outstanding data science professionals. 

4| Capability to master complex real-world challenges: CDS™ is considered to be a highly practitioner-driven exam, meaning that the CDS™ charter holder demonstrates a capability to be skilled enough to deal with complex real-world problems. With the relevant skills and industry expertise, they are weighed higher than other data scientists in the industry. It provides unmatched expertise to make complex analytics decisions.

5| Improved employment opportunity: It exposes a candidate to better employment opportunities as the skills are at par with the highest industry standards. A CDS™ is highly valued by the organizations as an important asset for the company. With data science becoming highly competitive, the title of CDC means that it will attract a preference for your resume compared to other data scientists applying for the same job. 

6| Stand out from the crowd: The CDS™ charter is a unique proposition that not only equips a candidate to enter the profession but also helps excel at all stages of career. It makes the candidate stand out from the crowd with an enhanced capability to excel in the field. 

7| Strong ethical foundation and sense of responsibility: Being a CDS™ charter holder helps in gaining confidence and clarity in navigating ethical issues. A Chartered Data Scientist™ has a high standard of conduct not just to the profession but also towards the industry as a whole. A CDS™ has to follow the code of ethical standards for professionals in data science and analytics, which has been created by the ADaSci. This is aimed at making the professionals responsible, well aware and confident about their conduct while working in this field.  To guide behaviour and help with tough decisions, ADaSci has crafted a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and an Ethical Decision-Making Framework.

8| An exclusive pool of career resources: Being a CDS™ also means that the candidate has access to career guides, thought leadership, and continuing education.

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