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Accelerate Your Pandas Workflows with NVIDIA’s cuDF in Google Colab

NVIDIA's cuDF integration in Google Colab accelerates Pandas workflows by up to 50x with zero code changes, revolutionizing data analysis.

NVIDIA has just made it possible to speed up Pandas operations by up to 50 times with zero code changes by integrating cuDF directly into Google Colab. This guide will walk you through setting up and using this powerful feature to supercharge your data analysis tasks.

Setting Up Your Environment

To begin, ensure you’re using a GPU runtime in Google Colab. Here’s how you can set up your environment to take advantage of cuDF’s capabilities.

Verify GPU Availability

First, verify that you have an NVIDIA GPU available in your Colab environment:

You should see details about the available GPU if everything is set up correctly.

Enable cuDF in Colab

Next, load the cuDF extension and import Pandas:

Loading Your Data

For this demonstration, we’ll use a dataset of USA stock prices. Download the dataset from NVIDIA’s Public Google Cloud Storage:

Analyzing Data with Standard Pandas

Let’s start by loading and analyzing the data using standard Pandas:

This dataset contains about 36 million rows and 7 columns, including stock prices and trading information.

Speeding Up with cuDF

Restart the kernel and enable the cuDF extension:

Now, reload the data using cuDF:

You’ll notice a significant reduction in the time taken to load and process the data.

Performing Common Operations

GroupBy Operations

Grouping data by stock ticker to analyze time periods:

Rolling Window Analysis

Calculate the daily rolling average for each stock:

Complex Analysis

Let’s compute Simple Moving Averages (SMA):

Visualization with Plotnine

Integrate with third-party libraries like Plotnine to visualize the results:


With cuDF integrated into Google Colab, you can significantly accelerate your Pandas workflows by simply enabling GPU support. This allows you to handle larger datasets and perform complex operations much more efficiently.

For more detailed information, visit RAPIDS AI cuDF and explore additional resources to fully leverage this powerful tool.

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