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At What Career Stage Should You Opt For Chartered Data Scientist Designation

Making a career in data science and machine learning is still uncertain for many people. The biggest reason is that this field has not been completely explored yet with many industry segments still looking at various avenues where they can employ data science to grow their businesses. 

Another reason is that the aspirants who wish to switch their career in this field do not have a complete understanding of what the required skill sets are. Even if a candidate makes a career in data science, often they pose challenges such as gaining the trust of the employer and prove his/her potential by performing the assigned tasks. 

Sometimes, managers do not even assign important tasks to newly joined data science professionals as they may not be completely aware of their potential. This leads to many early-stage professionals taking certifications to showcase their skills and knowledge in the field, helping them to get recognition not only in the office but in the data science job market. 

Taking Certifications Such As CDSTM To Showcase Skills 

To showcase the required knowledge and skillsets, data science professionals often resort to a variety of professional certifications designed for a specific target group. One such popular program offered by the Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) is the Chartered Data ScientistTM

The CDSTM is not just a professional certification but a designation that is earned after clearing the exam that is conducted by ADaSci. It is the highest distinction in the field of data science, which also proves that a candidate has the required experience of working in the field. 

The holder of the Chartered Data ScientistTM(CDSTM) designation is always benefitted in the terms of:

  • Value throughout the career: The CDSTM charter not only helps a person in getting the first job or entering a job but it also helps the charter-holder throughout the career in various ways such as placing them on a priority among other data science candidates.
  • Proven Skills and In-Depth knowledge: Holding the CDSTM charter proves the in-depth knowledge of the person in all the required data science skills. The charter-holders need not prove their knowledge every time they take up a new job role.
  • Job Security and Retention: Having such a high distinction in the field of data science gives job security in all circumstances. The employers try to retain and never lose a candidate with such a reputed distinction.
  • Promotion and Growth: At the time of promotions and providing growth opportunities, the CDSTM charter holders are always given priority because of their proven understanding of the profession. 
  • High Earning Potential: The CDSTM charter holders always have a higher earning potential as compared to their peers.
  • Always Stand out: The Chartered Data ScientistTM is used as a designation and persons who hold such designations always stand out from others. 
  • Competitive Advantage: Candidates with such a high distinction always have a competitive advantage over ordinary professionals.
  • Networking Benefits: The Chartered Data ScientistTM are also the members of the Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci). Being a member of ADaSci, they are privileged with many studies and career enhancement opportunities. Along with that, the ADaSci organizes several events and meet-ups where every member interacts with each other and shares their knowledge. 

When To Go For Chartered Data ScientistTM Designation

An individual can go for the Chartered Data ScientistTM designation at any of the following levels of their career:

  1. Exploration Level: This is the level at which a person either completed or is about to complete their study program and starts looking for job opportunities. At this stage, the competition is quite high as a lot of young graduates are looking for a job opportunity.  Therefore, the need for their profile to weigh more their competitors is much higher. Having a Chartered Data ScientistTM certification at this point will give a competitive edge over others. While candidates can take this exam right after graduation, the award of CDSTM requires the candidates to have a minimum of two years of experience as a data scientist. 
  2. Establishment Level: This is the early stage of the career when an individual enters a profession and struggles for establishing themselves in the industry. With the data science industry turning highly competitive, there is a need for professionals to prove themselves at every stage of their career. Having a  Chartered Data ScientistTM designation helps them make a mark as it proves their strong understanding and in-depth knowledge of the field.
  3. Mid-Career Level: The Chartered Data ScientistTM designation can also be opted at the middle-stage of the career to avail the many career-related benefits such as promotion, growth, job retention etc. 

Considering that getting a job in the field of data science is going to get highly competitive, having a designation like Chartered Data ScientistTM is always worth it. It does not matter at what career level a person is going to opt for it but it definitely would help a data science professional in the long run.

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