What are the Benefits of Chartered Data Scientist™

Chartered Data ScientistTM is the reputed distinction in the field of Data Science that is awarded by the Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci). The charter which is awarded to professionals in the field data science gives a unique value to its holder. In the data science marketplace where recruiters are struggling to find a potential candidate in the field of data science and machine learning, this distinction helps its holder stand out from the crowd. 

As we can see a huge demand for data science professionals in the coming years, this distinction will definitely give overwhelming recognition to its holders. Here we will discuss in detail about the benefits, scope and future of the Chartered Data ScientistTM.

Benefits of Chartered Data ScientistTM 

There are following major benefits of holding the Chartered Data ScientistTM (CDSTM) distinction:-

  • Gold Standard: The CDSTM charter equips you not only to enter the profession but also to excel at all stages of your career. As a holder of this charter, you will be certified to have the knowledge in all the verticals of data science, and not any specific vertical. 
  • Strong Ethical Foundations: You will gain confidence and clarity in navigating ethical issues that are a must for every data science professional. By holding the CDSTM charter, you are presumed to be a follower of these ethical standards as per the ADaSci policy.
  • Unmatched Expertise: Our rigorous curriculum for CDSTM exam will equip you for complex analytics decisions.  It is not limited to any specific skill but covers all the aspects of data science. 
  • Prestigious Network: When you register for the CDSTM exam, as a complimentary, you will be given a membership opportunity of Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci). Here, you will connect with an exclusive group of outstanding data science professionals. Along with that, you will avail many more benefits of becoming an ADaSci member, 
  • Career Resources: Being a member of ADaSci, you will gain access to career guides, thought leadership, and continuing education.
  • Flexible Exam Option: The CDSTM exam is offered throughout the year via online mode. The aspirants can register for this exam at any time and they can select any date and time slot for the exam based on their choice. 
  • Experience not a bar in taking Exam: The Chartered Data ScientistTM are required to have a minimum of two years of work experience as a Data Scientist for the award of the charter. But a candidate is not barred to take the exam if he/she has not completed the two years of experience. In this condition, they can take the CDSTM exam and carry the result. Only their charter remains put on hold until they attain the two years of experience.  

Scope of a Chartered Data ScientistTM

The above-mentioned benefits are very brief because the scope of Chartered Data Scientist is very large in view of the upcoming demands for data scientists. Consider the difficult situation for recruiters where graduates and experienced professionals from any field who somehow gain a little bit of knowledge in the field of data science start claiming themselves as a data science professional. In this situation, having a professional charter such as CDSTM will definitely give more weightage to its holder and will help them to stand out from the crowd. 

Future of a Chartered Data ScientistTM

There are many reports who have shown that the demand for data scientists and other data science professionals will increase manyfold in the coming years. As the demand for data scientists is getting increased continuously, there will always be a requirement of potential candidates across the industries. The requirement of data scientists is not only in the IT companies but also in other sectors including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, E-Commerce and many more.

These industries have just started employing machine learning and deep learning-based applications in their business.  But the reports show that they have explored only a few percent of these capabilities and a lot more is yet to be explored. As the new applications of data science will be explored, the demand for data scientists will also be increased correspondingly. So, having a distinction like Chartered Data ScientistTM will always help the candidates in securing good positions across the industries and getting heavy weightage by the recruiters. 

The Chartered Data Scientist Designation

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