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Data Engineering is one of the most important aspects in the field of data science. It is concerned with storage, accessing, processing and managing the data required for any modelling and analysis purpose. With various types of data available from different sources and required for different types of model building, having knowledge of data engineering is a must for any data science professional. Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci), through this course, lets the data science aspirants dive deeply into data engineering. In this workshop, the attendees will get a complete understanding of the concept of data engineering and where and how it is used. Different methods of processing the data, feature engineering and munging will be discussed in this workshop with hands-on experiments. Along with this, they will also get familiarity with different types of databases and methods to handle these databases.

Handouts: Data Engineering and Databases Video: Data Engineering and Databases Hands-on: Data Engineering and Databases Quiz: Data Engineering and Databases