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ADaSci Certified Generative AI Engineer

Elevate your AI expertise with the ADaSci Certified Generative AI Engineer program, a comprehensive course designed for intermediate learners aiming to master generative AI.

This 30-hour course culminates in a 2-hour exam consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions. Achieving a score of over 66% grants the prestigious ‘ADaSci Certified Generative AI Engineer’ certification, marking your validated skills in the competitive AI industry.

With a curriculum covering everything from machine learning basics to advanced transformers and foundation models in generative AI, this certification provides a solid theoretical understanding along with practical, hands-on experience. Stand out as a certified expert in generative AI, ready for career advancement in this rapidly evolving field.


Master Generative AI with ADaSci's Certified Engineer Program. Comprehensive learning track covers theory to practice. 2-hour exam with 100 MCQs. Score over 66% to earn 'ADaSci Certified Generative AI Engineer' certification, validating expertise for competitive advantage in the AI landscape.
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What I will learn?

  • Enhanced Knowledge: Comprehensive understanding of generative AI and large language models.
  • Practical Skills: Hands-on experience in applying generative AI techniques effectively.
  • Certified Expertise: Validation of skills with 'ADaSci Certified Generative AI Engineer' certification.
  • Competitive Advantage: Stand out in the industry as a qualified generative AI professional.

Course Curriculum

Foundations of Generative AI

  • Complete Dose on Machine Learning
  • Mastering Deep Learning
  • Foundation Models in Generative AI
  • Transformers

Getting Started with Generative AI & LLM

Image Generative and Text Generative Models

Generative AI Tools and Frameworks

Vector Databases, Search and RAG

Fine Tuning and Optimizing Generative AI Models

Prompt Engineering

Deployment and Scaling of Generative Models

Security, Ethics and Bias in Generative AI

Certification Exam


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Material Includes

  • Self-paced learning modules
  • Hands-on codes
  • Online MCQ-Based Exam
  • Certification

Who Should Take this course?

  • Beginners in the Generative AI Field

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