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Harnessing Earth Observation Datasets for Business Insights: A Deep Dive with ISRO’s Radha Krishna Kavuluru

This article encapsulates the essence of Radha Krishna Kavuluru's session at Cypher 2023, highlighting the importance and potential of Earth Observation datasets in the realm of business and technology.

At the prestigious Cypher 2023 conference, Radha Krishna Kavuluru, a Scientist at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), presented an enlightening session on the potential of Earth Observation (EO) datasets. The talk, titled “Earth Observation Datasets on Bhoonidhi and How AI and Data Science Can Be Used in Generating Insights,” offered a comprehensive overview of how these datasets can be leveraged for various business applications.

The Essence of Earth Observation Data

Kavuluru began by emphasizing the significance of EO data in adding value to business lines. He shared an anecdote about a talk he gave to a major US bank, which led to innovative applications of ISRO data in various business segments. The session aimed to inspire similar innovative thinking among the audience.

Understanding EO Data

EO datasets are crucial for understanding and monitoring Earth’s dynamic processes. Kavuluru explained the types of data available, including optical images (visible spectrum and thermal infrared) and radar (Synthetic Aperture Radar – SAR) images. He highlighted the advantages of satellite data over other forms, such as continuous movement with little to no fuel, faster movement, solar energy utilization, and a larger field of view.

Applications in Business and Government

The talk delved into the applications of EO data in both federal (government) and commercial use cases. Federal applications include climate change monitoring, disaster management, agriculture, and defense. Commercially, EO data can be used for commodity dynamics, asset monitoring, insurance pricing, and consumer insights.

ISRO’s Contribution and Data Accessibility

Kavuluru showcased ISRO’s array of satellites, including the ResourceSat, RISAT, and CartoSat series, highlighting their capabilities and resolutions. He introduced the audience to Bhoonidhi, ISRO’s EO data hub, where most of the data is available for free, encouraging businesses to explore and experiment with these datasets.

The Future of EO Data in Business

The session concluded with a look at the future of EO data in business applications. Kavuluru stressed the importance of integrating these datasets into business workflows and dashboards, enabling companies to build more informed and efficient strategies.


Radha Krishna Kavuluru’s session at Cypher 2023 was a masterclass in understanding and utilizing Earth Observation datasets for business insights. His expertise and insights from ISRO provided a valuable perspective on the potential of these datasets in various industries, paving the way for innovative applications and solutions.

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