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Lattice | Vol 1 Issue 2



Breast cancer histopathological images classification using deep learning
Pokala PranayKumar,S. Phanikumar,Raul Villamarin Rodriguez
Publication Year:202380-87

X-Ray Colorization and 3D X-Ray image Reconstruction
Vibhav Patil
Publication Year:202372-79

Study and Analysis of DeepFashion2 Dataset for E-commerce industry
Vedansh Surjan,Prateek Khandelwal
Publication Year:202364-71

Detection of Flood Damaged Areas using Convolutional Neural Network
Surya Pratap Singh,Harmeet Thukran
Publication Year:202358-63

Race detection from face using unified embedding approach
Rupesh Wadibhasme,Amit Nandi,Bhavesh Wadibhasme,Sandip Sawarkar
Publication Year:202351-57

Using Computer Vision to enhance Safety of Workforce in Manufacturing in a Post COVID World
Prateek Khandelwal,Anuj Khandelwal,Snigdha Agarwal
Publication Year:202344-50

Approximate Deep Neural Networks for Embedded Platforms
Nagarjun Gururaj
Publication Year:202337-43

An Algorithm for the Automated Detection of Sigmoidal Filaments From Carrington Maps
Mayukh Chowdhury
Publication Year:202333-36

Text and Image Query System for Image Datasets
Kejitan Dontas,Krishna Kumar Tiwari
Publication Year:202326-32

Malware Detection using Convolutional Neural Network
Harmeet Thukran,Neeti Kashyap
Publication Year:202322-25