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Lattice | Vol 2 Issue 1



Classification of Weed Species Using Deep Learning
Pokala PranayKumar,Raul Villamarin Rodriguezm
Publication Year:202350-57

Classification of different plant leaf diseases using multiple convolutional neural network and image preprocessing
Tharani D,Preetha M
Publication Year:202344-49

Efficient and Optimal Deep Learning Inference for Computer Vision Applications
Venkatesh Wadawadagi
Publication Year:202336-43

A Noninvasive model to detect Dengue based on symptoms using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Ruban S,Naresha,Sanjeev Rai
Publication Year:202331-35

Solution Approach to Resolve Vehicle Routing Problem using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Monika Singh,Sourav Mazumdar
Publication Year:202324-30

Machine learning approach to predict patient position for preventing bedsores
Aditya Aggarwal,Sujoy De
Publication Year:202316-23

Pneumothorax Detection and Classification on Chest Radiographs using Artificial Intelligence
Tejas Haritsa V K,Naveen Raju S G,Kishore Rajendra,Arjun Kalyanpur,Pallavi Rao
Publication Year:202310-15