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Lattice | Vol 2 Issue 2



Telecom Churn and Valued Customer Retention
Ishi Khamesra,Srinivasarao Valluru
Publication Year:202351-53

Real-time social distancing & face mask compliance reporting system for multiple CCTV camera feeds
Archit Kaila,Shrey Gupta,Tanya Kaintura
Publication Year:202345-50

PyTorch Tabular: A Framework for Deep Learning with Tabular Data
Manu Joseph
Publication Year:202341-44

Product Based Store Clustering and Range Recommendation
Seema Mudgil
Publication Year:202336-40

Predicting missing product taxonomy in retail: An embedded approach using N-gram Mixture Models and Newton’s Method
Neeraj Mishra,Sanjay Shukla,Anthony Kilili
Publication Year:202331-35

Predicting demand offset to react to unforeseen critical events
Priyanka Telang,Mamatha Venkatesh,Naveen Yadav,Nithin Mathew,Prarthana M J
Publication Year:202327-30

Pneumonia Detection and Classification on Chest Radiographs using Deep Learning
Naveen Raju S G,Kishore Rajendra,Tejas Haritsa V K,Arjun Kalyanpur,Pallavi Rao
Publication Year:202322-26

Optimizing Cost per Click for Digital Advertising Campaigns
Aditya Jain,Sahil Khan
Publication Year:202316-21

ML based high-cardinality reduction methods to create geo-score to improve auto insurance Tweedie pricing model
Suguna Jayaraj,Harmandeep Kaur
Publication Year:202310-15