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Statistics with Python for Data Science Beginners


A complete understanding of the concepts of statistics used in data science.


Data science is a multidisciplinary discipline, and a data scientist should acquire a comprehensive set of skills that covers every building block of the field in order to have a flourishing career. Statistics is one of the building blocks. Further, the goal of data science is to get insights from data. The first step toward achieving this goal is to thoroughly understand the data. Statistics is the most powerful tool for understanding, interpreting, and evaluating data.

The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci), the premier global professional body of data science and machine learning professionals, is coming up with this opportunity to let data science aspirants dive deeply into Statistics. In this workshop, the attendees will get a complete understanding of the concept of statistics and where and how it is used. Different ways of understanding the data using methods like descriptive statistics and inferential statistics will be discussed in this workshop with hands-on experiments in python.

Learning Outcomes

  • A complete understanding of the concepts of statistics used in data science.
  • Sound exposure to both Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics with their real-world applications.
  • Complete hands-on understanding of statistical concepts in python.
  • Mastered in data analysis concepts with their mathematical understanding and hands-on implementations.



Anannya Sagar D.

Data Scientist at Analytics India Magazine

Anannya is a postgraduate in Mathematics from Miranda House, University of Delhi. Further, she has pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Statistical Methods and Analytics from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.