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Why Organizations Should Choose ADaSci for AI Corporate Trainings: A Case Study of Genpact’s SkyDive Global Campus Academy

Elevate your organization's competitive edge with specialized AI and data science corporate training programs, featuring hands-on practicality, industry experts, and measurable ROI.

In the ultra-competitive landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses. This is exemplified by Genpact’s choice to partner with the Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) for their SkyDive Global Campus Academy. Genpact recognized the need for specialized training in AI and chose ADaSci’s corporate training program to upskill its workforce. Here’s why ADaSci should be your organization’s go-to choice for AI and data science corporate trainings as well.

Comprehensive Curriculum: From Basics to Advanced

ADaSci’s training program offers an extensive curriculum that covers everything from basic concepts to advanced generative models. This multi-level approach is beneficial for employees with varied skill sets, a feature that Genpact found particularly useful for its SkyDive Global Campus Academy.

Experienced Instructors: Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

Instructors can make or break a training program. ADaSci brings in seasoned industry experts and thought leaders, much like the luminaries who graced Genpact’s SkyDive program. The real-world insights offered by these experts are invaluable and go beyond mere theoretical understanding, enhancing the program’s effectiveness.

Hands-On Practicality: Real-world Simulations

One of the highlights of the SkyDive Global Campus Academy was its focus on real-world applications, a feature that is integral to ADaSci’s corporate training programs. Through practical exercises and real-world simulations, the training ensures that skills learned are immediately applicable, a factor that Genpact found beneficial.

Flexibility: Online and On-Site Formats

Genpact’s global workforce required a flexible training solution, and ADaSci delivered with options for both online and on-site training. This flexibility ensures that regardless of logistical constraints, high-quality training can be accessed by all employees.

Certification: A Mark of Quality

ADaSci offers certificates of completion that are recognized by top organizations worldwide. Genpact’s employees who completed the SkyDive program were thus not just upskilled but also certified, adding an extra layer of credibility and quality assurance.

Career-Oriented Content Curation

Much like the SkyDive program, ADaSci provides curated learning pathways that evolve from beginner to intermediate and advanced stages. This feature allows for continuous learning and development, aligning perfectly with Genpact’s focus on long-term employee growth.

Measurable ROI: Lower Costs, Higher Quality

Genpact, like any other organization, needed to see a clear return on its investment. ADaSci’s program offers measurable skills growth and high-quality training at a lower cost, aligning with Genpact’s objective to achieve top-notch training without compromising on budget constraints.

Strategic Alignment: Business Objectives and Skill Development

ADaSci’s corporate training is not just an isolated program but a strategic initiative. It’s designed to help you realize the full worth of your technology investments and build a data-savvy workforce, a vision that perfectly aligns with Genpact’s broader business objectives.

In summary, Genpact’s successful partnership with ADaSci for its SkyDive Global Campus Academy serves as a compelling case study for why ADaSci should be the preferred choice for corporate training in AI and data science. With its comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, hands-on practicality, and measurable ROI, ADaSci offers a transformative learning experience that can turn your talent into your most significant competitive advantage.

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