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Latest from our Blogs

Exploring the Boundaries of Chatbot Capabilities

Jacy Reese Anthis’ workshop at Cypher 2023, ‘Testing the Limits of Chatbots,’ delves into the evolving capabilities and challenges of AI, emphasizing the significance of prompt engineering and ethical considerations in AI development.

Exploring Applications of LLMs and their Cost Dynamics

Abhishek Choudhary’s enlightening session at Cypher 2023 delved into the transformative power of Large Language Models (LLMs), exploring their applications, cost dynamics, and the critical role of Prompt Engineering in shaping the future of AI and NLP.

Retrieval-Augmented Generation: A Live Demo

Explore the future of AI in enterprise with Dhruv Motwani’s insightful session on Retrieval-Augmented Generation at Cypher 2023, showcasing a live demo of RAG’s capabilities and its practical applications in the business world.