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Here are our industry experts who form the panel committee of reviewers and approvers.

Dr. Prithwis Mukerjee

B.Tech. - IIT Kharagpur, Ph.D. - University of Tex... Director at Praxis Business School, Kolkatta,...

Dr. Raul Villamarin Rodriguez

Ph.D. - Universidad de San Miguel, Mexico, MBA - U... Professor and Dean at Woxsen University

Dipyaman Sanyal, CFA

Ph.D. - JNU Delhi, M.S. - University of Texas, Dal... Faculty of Data Science at Northwestern Unive...

Dr. Krishnendu Sarkar

PhD, Masters (Information Sc), BTech Former Scientist, CSIR and Dr. Edward de Bono...

Dr. Baharak Soltanian

Ph.D. - Tampere University of Technology, M.S. - T... Principal Data Scientist at HERE Technologies

Dr. Farshad Kheiri

Ph.D. - University of Albama, M.Sc. - University o... VP of AI and Data Science, Founding member at...

Dr. Maria Singson

Ph.D. - University of California, B.A. - Universit... Faculty at Rutgers Business School Executive ...

Dr. Vaibhav Kumar

Senior Director at Association of Data Scientists

Dr. Severence MacLaughlin

Ph.D. - University of Adelaide, B.S. - Cornell Uni... Managing Partner at DeLorean Artificial Intel...

Dr. Sunhyoung Han

Ph.D. - University of California, M.S. - Yonsei Un... Lead Data Scientist at Socure

Dr. Murphy Choy

Ph.D. - Middlesex University, M.Sc - University Co... Executive Director - Stealth Mode Startup Com...

Dr. Palamadai Krishnan Viswanathan

Ph.D., MBA, MSc Professor at Great Lakes Institute of Managem...

Sushil Sharma

Masters Degree in Business Analytics - University of Texas, Dallas, Lead Data Scientist, AT&T

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