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Elevating GenAI Skills Across the Board

Equip your team for any challenge with our comprehensive Generative AI training solution.

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Our corporate training program on Generative AI provides a unique opportunity to empower, retain, and advance your talent.


Growth in Employee Skill Adaptability


Rise in Creative Solutioning through AI Integration


Expansion in Data-Driven Decision Making Proficiency

Our Differentiators

Forge Ahead with Expert GenAI Training & Real-World Insights

LMS Integration

Our training includes a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) to facilitate seamless learning experiences.

Industry Mentorship

Gain insights from CDOs and AI leaders, enriching the learning journey with real-world expertise.

Expert Speakers

Engage with guest lectures from top AI professionals, bringing cutting-edge industry trends into the classroom.

Hackathons & Gamification

Apply learning in dynamic ways through hackathons and gamified experiences, enhancing problem-solving skills.

Customized Learning Paths

Tailored programs designed to meet the unique needs of your organization, supporting specific business objectives.

Future-Ready Skills

Equip your workforce with the skills to leverage generative AI, fostering innovation and driving digital transformation.

Generative AI Training for Businesses of Every Scale

Explore how our Enterprise Trainings can revolutionize your company's Talent.

Campus to corporate transformation in AI

Learn how our Collaboration with Genpact paid off

We collaborated with Genpact to design an industry first program to bridge the gap between academic learning and the dynamic demands of today's AI industry.

Utilize Career-Oriented Content Curation

Provide your employees with curated learning pathways that evolve from beginner through to intermediate and advanced stages.

Advanced Generative AI Training for Every Department

Our comprehensive solution simplifies your training strategy, eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

Generative AI & Development

Elevate your workforce with cutting-edge Generative AI and development programs. Our global network of instructors delivers transformative learning experiences in various interactive formats.

AI-Enhanced Human Resources

Equip your HR team with advanced tools and skills for talent management. Our programs focus on leveraging AI to enhance recruitment, development, and retention strategies.

Engineering Innovation

Keep your engineering team at the forefront of innovation. We offer hands-on training in the latest technologies, including practical applications of Generative AI.

IT Operations & Cloud Mastery

Provide your IT team with immediate access to the most current cloud computing skills and cybersecurity certifications, ensuring they're prepared for the evolving digital landscape.

Data Science & AI Analytics

Drive informed decisions across your organization. Our data science courses cover the latest in data visualization, analytics platforms, and Generative AI tools for comprehensive insights.

Leadership Through AI

Transform your leaders and managers with collaborative learning focused on integrating Generative AI strategies to foster cultural change and accelerate business outcomes.

Set up your Gen AI LMS easily

Online GenAI Playground

A dynamic arena where data enthusiasts explore, experiment, and hone their skills. With an array of datasets and tools, users can engage in hands‑on learning, fostering creativity and expertise in data science.

Our Delighted Clients

Bhavana Bhagat
Bhavana Bhagat
Talent Development Head - Data & AI at Genpact
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We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to you & the entire ADaSci team for the outstanding partnership and collaboration. Embarking on this venture to engage a partner for our campus program was a significant leap, and it proved to be an invaluable learning experience.

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How you’ll empower your teams


Leaderboards showcase top‑performing data enthusiasts. It's a competitive yet collaborative space where participants measure their skills against global talent, gaining recognition and fostering a vibrant community of data science excellence.

Practice AI skills

With diverse datasets and varying difficulty levels, practitioners refine their skills, experiment with models, and prepare for real-world scenarios in a dynamic learning environment.

AI Assessment

Challenging real‑world data science problems. Through competitions, participants showcase skills, learn from diverse datasets, and compete globally, fostering growth and recognition within the data science community.

Discover How Our Corporate Trainings Catalyzes Effective Skill Development

Explore more about how you can:

  • Achieve your strategic business objectives by cultivating crucial skills
  • Realize the complete worth of your technology investments
  • Construct a data-savvy, digital-literate workforce”