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CDS Book of Knowledge (CBOK)

This Chartered Data Scientist (CDS) examination book of knowledge (BoK) covers the CDS curriculum and explains the concepts of the topics in detail that will be a foundation for exam preparation. While there are a variety of study resources available and the candidates may refer to that based on the curriculum, this book of knowledge provides a structured material specially developed keeping in view the CDS exam.

The CDSBoK is available only to the registrants of CDS examination (in PDF soft copy).

The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) provides this book as supplementary material for the preparation of CDS exam. Although this book of knowledge version-1 comprises explanations on the topics of the curriculum, it has covered the topics with the approach of providing a basic knowledge of all the topics, section-wise which is important in the exam preparation.

This 148-page book helps in formulating a preparation strategy based on the curriculum such that an aspirant can guess the breadth and depth of the curriculum.

The aspirants should make it clear that this book does not cover the exact questions and exact depth of the topics but it provides a reference based on which the questions appear during the exam. It is always recommended that the candidates should take a reference from this book of knowledge as a starting point for their preparation for the CDS exam.

Just reading this book of knowledge is not an assurance of cracking the exam as the CDS exam is a rigorous process which requires proper time management with a well-planned strategy. This book of knowledge version-1 helps in making the strong fundamentals of the contents of the curriculum that is necessary for the preparation of CDS exam.

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