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Exam Cost and Registration Fees

Exam Structure

150 multiple choice questions

Exam Length

3 Hours

Question Format

Multiple choice questions

Exam Results Availability

Within 60 days of taking the exam

Pass Rate


Review Exam Costs and Registration Fees

Registration costs is a one time fee to appear for the exam only once. Please note, that with your registration for CDS exam you also receive a 1 year membership of ADaSci.

All fees must be paid in US dollars. The fees is non refundable once paid.

Form a Plan with Our Exam Readiness Checklist

Months Prior to the Exam

Address the items below several months before your first exam:
Review all testing policies
Confirm your valid id card
Print your exam admission ticket
Check for testing conditions

Weeks Prior to the Exam

Consider these tasks during the weeks leading up to your exam:
Select a quiet, well lit room
Select comfortable clothing for exam day
Plan your food
Make sure your computer have high speed internet

The Day of the Exam

Have the following things ready to go on exam day:
Check you computer again for high speed internet
Keep your phone away from you at all times
Check if you have required software have
Make sure your computer have high speed internet

Understanding Your Results

Exams are graded as either “pass” or “did not pass,” along with detailed performance feedback.
On average 30% of the people who appears in the exam gets charter

The Chartered Data Scientist (CDS) credential gives a strong understanding of advanced data science profession and in-depth, applied analytics skills.