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ADaSci's Certified Generative AI Engineer program is an upskilling-linked certification initiative designed to recognize talent in generative AI and large language models. Participants engage in a structured learning track covering industry-relevant modules, culminating in an exam for certification by ADaSci. The program aims to elevate skills and provide recognition to professionals in this rapidly evolving field.

As the AI landscape rapidly evolves, demand for generative AI professionals is skyrocketing. ADaSci's Certified Generative AI Engineer program addresses this surge, offering a comprehensive certification pathway tailored to industry demands.

Participants undergo a structured learning journey covering essential generative AI modules. Upon completion, an exam assesses proficiency, with successful candidates earning certification from ADaSci—a premier global body.

This program not only imparts relevant knowledge but also acknowledges talent, providing professionals with a recognized credential to thrive in the competitive realm of generative AI, making it the ideal choice for those aspiring to excel in this dynamic field.

Exam Overview

Who Should Take this Exam?

This certification is best suitable for the aspirants who aim a successful career in the Generative AI field.


This certification will give its holders recognition for their required Generative AI skills and knowledge.


Aspiring candidates should have good knowledge of machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing.

Why Join this Program?

  • Industry demand for generative AI professionals is booming.
  • ADaSci certification validates expertise in this dynamic field.
  • Structured learning track tailored to industry requirements.
  • Recognized credential to thrive in competitive AI landscape.

Start learning, crack the exam, and become certified in Generative AI.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can appear for this certification

A person who is looking for recognition in the Generative AI field can appear and take this certification. This is a certification program offered by the premier global body of AI and data science professionals and is best suitable for the aspirants who want to start their careers in the data science field.

What is the eligibility to appear for this certification (Age, Experience, Education)?

There are no fixed eligibility criteria for taking this certification. Anyone who is a Generative AI aspirant can take this progam. There is no limit on age, educational qualification, or working experience.

Does ADaSci provide the training for this certification exam Exam?

Yes. This is a course-linked certification program. You can undergo a Generative AI learning track included in this program and take the exam in the end for getting the certification

Can i also prepare separately, with other available resources?

Yes, you can refer to all possible learning resources of your type for a widened knowledge of the field. However, the learning modules added to this program are sufficient to crack the exam.

How can I register for this certification?

You can register for this program online at any time by visiting the ADaSci website. Only you need to create your account, pay the program fees, complete the learning modules and take the exam for getting the certification.

How long this program can continue and by when do i need to take the exam after registering?

We advise to take the exam within 1 year of registering. As the learning modules and resources may get time to time based on the development in the field.

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