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CDS for Organizations

Organizations can use Chartered Data Scientist™ accreditation to build high performance data science teams. There’s a lot of value that you can bring to your team and organization by having Chartered Data Scientists, either recruited externally or administered internally.

Empower Your Data Science Team: Explore the Benefits of CDS Certification for Your Organization

Uncover the Comprehensive Benefits of CDS Certification for Your Organization and Harness the Power of Ethical, Credible, and Cost-Effective Talent Development.

Establish Credibility

A Certified Data Scientist (CDS) accreditation for team members enhances the organization's credibility, demonstrating to clients and stakeholders that their data science capabilities are validated by a recognized standard. This helps in building trust and attracting more business opportunities.

Emphasize Ethical Standards

The CDS program strongly emphasizes the importance of ethics in data science. Having CDS-certified professionals ensures that the organization is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in its data science operations, mitigating risks associated with data misuse and privacy breaches.

Competitive Advantage

Organizations employing CDS-certified professionals are better positioned to derive insights from complex data, offering superior solutions to their clients. This results in a competitive advantage, enabling the organization to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving data-driven market.

Team Discounts

Organizations planning to certify their teams through the CDS program may be eligible for discounts, making it a cost-effective strategy for enhancing overall team capabilities while also encouraging professional development among employees.

Contact us to administer CDS™ in your Organization

We provide group discounts to teams that wish to administer CDS exam for their employees.