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CDS for Organizations

Organizations can now use CDS accreditation to build high performance data science teams. There’s a lot of value that you can bring to your team and organization by having Chartered Data Scientists, either recruited externally or administered internally.

Showcase your Capabilities

It’s just not enough to build a team of data scientists, you also have to showcase the right value to your clients and stakeholders. Having a trusted accreditation program for your data scientists can do the right magic.

CDS stresses a lot of value on ethics in data science. It’s important that you showcase not just top talent but also one that values and understand ethics within your data science workflow.

CDS is a rigorous exam that is created by leading analytics professionals. With just 30% pass rate, CDS is the right choice for organizations to filter and upskill talent.

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We provide group discounts to teams that wish to administer CDS exam for their employees.