What Is A Chartered Data Scientist

The data science and AI industry are increasingly becoming competitive with more professionals looking out for a transition into the data science domain. With a plethora of courses available online and offline, it has become easier than ever to make a transition.

With the increasing number of professionals in the field, there had never been a need to stand out from the crowd like today. With a lot of professionals learning skills on-the-go, there is now a need to demonstrate an exceptional capability as a data scientist to be valued by the organizations.

Hence comes the need to be not just a data scientist but ‘Chartered’ data scientist (CDS) to achieve the highest distinction in the profession.

Who Is A Chartered Data Scientist™?

To help you stand out from the crowd in terms of knowledge and skills as per the latest international standards, the Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) has brought an opportunity for you to earn the CDS credential. It ensures that the candidate has a strong understanding of the advanced data science profession and in-depth understanding of applied analytics skills.

Being a CDS would mean that the candidate is potentially better than other data science candidates not just in terms of skills and knowledge but the connections that you would be making with the elite network of expert data scientists, working in leading institutions.

Having set a global standard for data science, the CDS program has been developed by the world’s leading data science practitioners. Attaining the title means that candidate has the mastery of the skills and knowledge needed to help organisations succeed in today’s rapidly changing global landscape. The curriculum of this program has been developed by distinguished professionals and academics of diverse backgrounds and is updated annually.

By achieving the CDS certification, the candidate indicates their extraordinaire to the potential employers. It would provide an edge in career and personal development.

Ethics Is The Foundation Of CDS™

Being a CDS means that the candidate is required to follow the guidelines and ethical standards set as a benchmark for data scientists. As a CDS program candidate, they are required to follow code and standards set by the committee. The guidelines and ethics for Chartered Data Scientists (CDS) abide them by duties to own profession, employer, clients, industry and due as a CDS charter.

Benefits Of Becoming A CDS™

  • Proven-ability in data science skills: Having a CDS designation is a key indication that the candidate has the cutting edge knowledge of the latest tools and technologies of the data science field.
  • Has the required experience: A highly practitioner-driven exam, earning the CDS designation demonstrates to the future employers that the candidate is skilled enough to master complex real-world challenges.
  • Improves employment opportunity: It exposes you to better employment opportunities as the skills will be on par with the highest industry standards.
  • Specialised knowledge: It ensures a specialised knowledge and understanding of the data science tools and techniques.
  • Makes you stand out from the crowd: With data science becoming highly competitive, the title of CDC means that it will attract a preference to your resume from all across the industry.

Who Should Consider?

  • Any professional who is looking to broaden their knowledge in the field of data science, analytics and artificial intelligence should consider taking the CDS exam. Whether starting out in a data science career or are already established in the field, the CDS curriculum exposes the candidate to the major strategic aspects of data science.
  • Anyone who is keen on being apprised to the latest trends in data science and is looking to challenge themselves by testing their knowledge against an elite pool of data scientists from around the world.
  • It is also highly recommended for those looking for a career change into the data science domain as it will provide the best-in-class knowledge in the field. It will help in developing specialised and practical knowledge that can be applied in the industry.
  • Students with an interest in data science could also consider the CDS exam during or immediately after completion of their studies. The CDS curriculum can complement their prior coursework or help them develop a foundation of specialized knowledge that goes beyond their academic curriculum.

How To Become A CDS™?

The CDS program is a self-study program culminating in an exam, passing which brings you a step closer to becoming a CDS charter holder.

Becoming a CDS requires passing a rigorous exam that has been designed by experienced data science professionals from across the globe. Candidates can enrol for the program by registering for the CDS exam online via ADaSci website.

The exam which can be taken any time throughout the year requires the candidate to achieve a minimum passing score. Apart from passing the exam, the candidate must also demonstrate a minimum of two years of full-time work experience in data science or a related field to complete the certification.

The 3-hour long exam requires the candidate to answer 150 objective-type questions with no negative marking.

Register for the CDS exam here