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From Syntax to Strategy: Harnessing LMQL for Smarter, Streamlined LLMs

Date: 24th February 2024, from 10 AM to 1 PM (IST)

The upcoming workshop titled “From Syntax to Strategy: Harnessing LMQL for Smarter, Streamlined LLMs” represents a significant leap forward in the field of artificial intelligence by focusing on the Language Model Query Language (LMQL). This innovative workshop aims to delve into LMQL, a cutting-edge advancement designed to enhance and simplify the way we interact with Large Language Models (LLMs). By introducing participants to an intuitive syntax, LMQL opens the door to more efficient querying, strategic control, and automation of tasks, thereby optimizing the outcomes when working with these complex models. The workshop, led by Sourabh Mehta, a seasoned Data Scientist at AIM, promises to be an invaluable resource for data professionals looking to elevate their expertise in LLMs.

Participants of this workshop can expect to master the fundamentals of LMQL syntax, learn how to write LMQL scripts for task automation, understand strategic control techniques for guiding and fine-tuning LLM outputs, and gain practical experience in building and deploying LMQL-powered applications. The curriculum is meticulously designed to cover key areas including the power and challenges of LLMs, unlocking the potential of LMQL syntax, strategic control, integration with existing tools, and exploring advanced LMQL techniques and their future potential.

This is an intermediate-level, 3-hour workshop that includes a hands-on project, offering participants not just theoretical knowledge but also practical skills that can be immediately applied.

For ADaSci members, registration is complimentary, making it an excellent opportunity for members to engage with the latest advancements in LLMs without any cost.


Learn to optimize interactions with Large Language Models (LLMs) and streamlining LLMs.

What I will learn?

  • Master the fundamentals of LMQL syntax and its potential for streamlining LLM interactions.
  • Develop skills in writing LMQL scripts to automate tasks and optimize LLM outputs.
  • Gain an understanding of strategic control techniques with LMQL for guiding and fine-tuning LLMs.
  • Get hands-on experience building and deploying your own LMQL-powered LLM applications.

Course Curriculum

Video Lessons on LMQL

  • LLM Challenges and LMQL Overview
  • Prompt Sketching and LMQL’s Syntax

LLM Power, Challenge

Language Model Query Language (LMQL)

Prompt Sketching in LM Query Language

LMQL Syntax

LMQL Use Cases

Hands-on Implementation

Self Assessment


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No Review Yet

Material Includes

  • This is a live workshop
  • Participants will receive session recordings, Python codes and handout notes
  • All attendees will receive certificate of participation (on request)


  • Google Colab / Jupyter notebook
  • Good speed internet connectivity

Who Should Take this course?

  • Suitable for all data professionals

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