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Innovation Unleashed: A Comprehensive Overview of the ‘Ask’ AI Platform

Explore 'Ask': A game-changing AI platform redefining corporate interactions and boosting efficiency across diverse domains.

The Machine Learning Developers Summit (MLDS) 2024 in Bengaluru witnessed the presence of Prince Paulraj, the Head of the Chief Data Office at AT&T, India. A distinguished leader in the realm of Data and AI, Paulraj’s illustrious career has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a string of notable achievements. Armed with a Master’s degree in Computer Applications, he leads a formidable team of AI Engineers and Data Scientists at AT&T, driving innovation and efficiency through cutting-edge AI solutions.

Redefining IT Operations and Support

Paulraj said that Ask Ops is positioned as an AI-powered chat assistant designed explicitly for IT operations and support teams within AT&T. The interactive and personalized platform caters to application clients, production support engineers, and system developers, providing them with real-time insights into the performance of their applications. A standout feature of Ask Ops is its ability to mimic human thought processes.

Navigating Data Flow Across Multiple Platforms

Paulraj further added that Ask Lineage takes center stage when it comes to understanding the complex flow of data across diverse platforms within an enterprise. Powered by Knowledge Graph and large language models (LLM), Ask Lineage provides detailed lineage information about tables and jobs. This functionality is crucial for organizations dealing with intricate data pipelines, transformations, and technology migrations. The ability to visualize the end-to-end lineage diagram for critical tables enables teams to comprehend the data journey comprehensively. Ask Lineage empowers data professionals to identify upstream and downstream dependencies, ensuring a transparent and traceable data flow. This capability proves invaluable when assessing the impact of updates or changes to specific data elements.

Extracting Insights from Visual Data

In a thought-provoking segment, Paulraj continues by saying that The Ask Image functionality showcases the prowess of AI in extracting valuable information from visual data. Using image recognition, AT&T employs Ask Image to analyze images captured from its fleet vehicles. In a practical application, technicians take pictures of vehicle wraps to extract relevant information about promotions or branding.

Securing Proprietary and Customer Data

While speaking about leveraging AI for operational excellence, Paulraj places a significant emphasis on ethical considerations and data security. The “ask” platform operates within a secure environment, implementing role-based access and robust authentication protocols. This ensures that proprietary, customer, and employee data remains protected against unauthorized access or exposure.


In conclusion, AT&T’s “ask” platform represents a paradigm shift in enterprise operations, demonstrating the practical applications of AI across various domains. Whether enhancing IT support, visualizing data lineage, or extracting insights from visual data, the “ask” platform exemplifies how AI can be harnessed responsibly to drive efficiency, productivity, and innovation within large-scale organizations. AT&T’s commitment to ethical AI practices further underscores the importance of balancing technological advancements with data security and privacy, with Prince Paulraj standing as a key figure in shaping the platform’s success.

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Shreepradha Hegde

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