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An Evolutionary Equational Approach to Blending Market Research and Applied Analytics to Improve Trust in Technology Services   

Author(s): Anand Wilson, Paresh Banka, Dr. Chiranjiv Roy, Dr.Umamaheswari S


This paper explores the impact of brand trust on commercial consumer behavior and marketing management in the technology industry, and specifically in cloud services. In this study, we examine factors that influence consumer loyalty in products and service businesses leading to trust and love, and offer constraints-driven recommendations to promote it. Research focuses on the purchasing behavior of organizations buying goods and services for use in the production of other products or services that are rented, sold, or provided to others. Testing the hypothesis and constructing the model begins with exploratory factor analysis and structural equation modeling. Results indicate that the factors mentioned have an impact on consumers’ trust in brands and are presented as a visual network graph. In order to measure the relationship, an evolutionary equation is derived utilizing controllable factors such as service history and surveys and uncontrollable factors such as socioeconomics and market factors. As a result, each account in service is assigned a rank-based time-driven risk profiling index.