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ADaSci Announces the 4th Edition of Deep Learning DevCon (DLDC) 2024

Dive into the world of Generative AI and LLMs at DLDC 2024, the premier conference for cutting-edge AI research
dldc 2024

Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci), a global body in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, has announced the much-anticipated fourth edition of its influential conference, Deep Learning DevCon (DLDC) 2024. Scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 24th, this year’s conference will be conducted virtually, allowing participants from around the world to join in remotely. The theme of DLDC 2024 revolves around the rapidly evolving landscape of generative AI and large language models (LLMs), highlighting the latest advancements and breakthroughs in this exciting area of deep learning technology.

Highlights of Previous Editions

Previous editions of DLDC have been marked by a plethora of enriching activities, catering to the diverse interests of attendees. Technology talks, research paper presentations, exhibitions, hackathons, and hands-on workshops have been some of the key highlights. Attendees have had the opportunity to interact with industry experts, network with peers, and explore cutting-edge developments in deep learning.

Call for Research Papers

DLDC 2024 presents an exceptional opportunity for researchers and practitioners to showcase their work in the field of deep learning. The conference invites submissions of research papers that advance the boundaries of deep learning across various subareas. Selected papers will be published in Lattice – The Machine Learning Journal, managed by ADaSci. Authors are encouraged to submit their abstracts followed by complete papers for consideration. Click here for more details on paper submission.

Free for ADaSci Members

As part of its commitment to fostering learning and growth within its community, ADaSci is offering free entry to DLDC 2024 for its members. This means that members can access a wide range of talks, workshops, and sessions by global leaders in the field of deep learning at no cost. By making the conference accessible to its members, ADaSci aims to provide invaluable opportunities for professional development and networking.

Why Should You Attend DLDC?

Attending DLDC offers numerous benefits for individuals involved in the field of deep learning:

  1. Stay Updated: DLDC provides a platform to stay abreast of the latest research and advancements in deep learning. With rapid developments occurring in the field, attending the conference ensures that participants remain informed about emerging trends and techniques.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Conferences like DLDC facilitate networking with fellow researchers, industry experts, and practitioners. Interacting with peers allows for knowledge exchange, collaboration on projects, and potential job opportunities.
  3. Access to Experts: DLDC features keynote speakers and panel discussions led by prominent experts in deep learning. Attending these sessions provides insights and perspectives from experienced professionals, offering valuable learning opportunities.
  4. Hands-On Workshops: The conference includes hands-on workshops where participants can acquire practical skills and techniques in deep learning. These workshops offer a unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience and enhance technical expertise.
  5. Exposure to Diverse Perspectives: DLDC attracts attendees from diverse backgrounds and regions, fostering exposure to different perspectives and approaches in deep learning. Engaging with a varied audience stimulates creativity and innovation, inspiring new ideas and collaborations.

In conclusion, DLDC 2024 promises to be an exceptional event that brings together leading minds in deep learning to explore, discuss, and advance the frontiers of this dynamic field. With its engaging program, emphasis on research dissemination, and commitment to inclusivity, DLDC offers an unparalleled opportunity for professionals to deepen their understanding, expand their networks, and contribute to the future of deep learning.

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