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Association of Data scientists

The Chartered Data Scientist (CDS™) Designation

Achieve the highest distinction in the data science profession.

The Chartered Data Scientist (CDS) credential gives a strong understanding of advanced data science profession and in-depth, applied analytics skills.

The CDS Program is a self-study program culminating to an exam. Passing the exam is one step to becoming a CDS charterholder.

Gold Standard

The CDS charter equips you not only to enter the profession, but also to excel at all stages of your career.

Strong Ethical Foundations

Gain confidence and clarity in navigating ethical issues.

Unmatched Expertise

Our rigorous curriculum will equip you for complex analytics decisions.

Prestigious Network

Prestigious Network

Career Resources

Gain access to career guides, thought leadership, and continuing education.

You are one step away from...

Chartered Data Scientist

Boost Your Career

There’s never been a more crucial time to stand out. As the data science & AI industry becomes increasingly competitive, the professionals who succeed are the ones who can demonstrate their ability to add value to an organization.

Earning your CDS™ proves that your knowledge and skills are up to the latest international standards, and connects you to an elite network of expert data scientists employed by the world’s leading institutions.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can appear for the Chartered Data Scientist exam?

Age: The minimum age of the candidate to appear for the CDS exam is 18 years on the date of registration. If the age of the candidate is between 13 to 18 years, there must be an undertaking signed by the parents or the guardian.

Experience: The candidate needs to have two years of relevant experience as a data scientist. Educational qualification: As data science is an open field, there is no educational criteria or background required to become a Chartered Data Scientist.

What if I do not have prior work experience?

A candidate can take the Chartered Data Scientist Exam even if the candidate does not carry the two years of the required experience. In this condition, the candidate will be given only the exam results and their charter remains on hold. Once they complete the two years of experience, they are awarded this charter.

The candidate can inform the ADaSci through email at once they complete the two years of experience. Although, the exam result also shows the knowledge of the candidate in the field of data science, and the same is acknowledged by the recruiters.

Can I appear for the exam if I am in the final year of graduation?

There are no education criteria to appear for the Chartered Data Scientist exam. You can appear at any point of time provided the age requirements.

Do I need to attend any training to become a Chartered Data Scientist?

You do not require to showcase any training to appear for the Chartered Data Scientist exam. It only requires two years of relevant work experience as a criteria.

Does ADaSci provide study resources and/or training to prepare for this exam?

Chartered Data Scientist is a self-study program where the aspiring candidates can prepare themselves for the exam. ADaSci does not provide any training to the appearing candidates. However, a detailed curriculum, suggested study resources and a practice set is provided to the candidates. You can visit at ADaSci website to find these resources.

When can i register for the CDS exam?

You can register for CDS exam at any time and schedule it at your convenience. The exam needs to be taken within one year of the date of the registration for the same.

What is the refund policy?

No refund is provided after registering for the exam.

Can i reschedule the exam?

The exam once scheduled cannot be rescheduled. However, showing a valid reason such as a personal emergency, it can be rescheduled for one time only.

Employment Benefits of Becoming an CDS™

As the field’s leading designation, the CDS™ is the key indication of candidates with proven ability and experience. To earn it, you must not only pass a challenging and rigorous exam, but also spend at least two years working in the field.

By earning your CDS™, you will prove your skills in data science at a high level, and showcase your ability to add value to firms in a number of specialized areas.

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How to Earn

Anyone can register to take the exam. CDS certification is awarded after a candidate has passed a rigorous multiple choice exam and demonstrated two years of relevant work experience in data science.

1. Check CDS Learning Objectives

This includes everything you need to know about the CDS Program, including reading lists and learning objectives.

2. Enroll for CDS Program

There are requirements to enroll in the CDS program.

3. Pass the Exam

4. Showcase Mandatory Requirements

You will need to showcase 2 years of experience in Data field

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