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Building Data Solutions with AWS


The course includes pre-recorded videos. ADaSci Members receive 50% discount.


The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci), the premier global professional body of data science and machine learning professionals, has announced a full-day hands-on workshop on Building Data Solutions with AWSCloud computing is transforming the way businesses evolve. Most technology-based companies are migrating to cloud platforms to scale up their productivity by availing a wide range of products and services from cloud service providers. With an exponential increase in data solution-based companies, the demand for cloud platforms has also increased. Due to this increasing demand for cloud-based services, the demand for professionals skilled in cloud-based services is also increasing.AWS is one of the most popularly used cloud platforms worldwide. ADaSci is covering all the data-specific features and services of AWS in this workshop with detailed explanations of how to use these features and services.This workshop focuses on cloud-based solutions by AWS specifically for data-based requirements. In this workshop, the attendees will take a deep dive into all the important features and services provided by AWS for the storage, handling, and implementation of data. AWS provides state-of-the-art storage facilities along with features to create pipelines for automating the flow and transformation of data across the different services. Overall, this workshop will let the participants master how to build data-based solutions with AWS.By the end of this workshop, attendees will get a complete understanding of the cloud platform, services and features available. They will also get sound exposure to the AWS platform with all the data-related features and services. Along with a hands-on understanding of creating real-world data solutions with AWS, the attendees will develop an understanding of state-of-the-art data storage systems, pipelines and other data-related strategies through this workshop.



  • Basic understanding of data and its types
  • Fair understanding of databases
  • Basic understanding of data analysis


  • Keep a free AWS account ready
  • High-Speed Internet Connectivity