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This workshop by Association of Data Scientists will give participants a chance to learn NLP from the beginning. This is a compendium of pre-recorded video during a live workshop conducted by ADaSci. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the key frontiers of Artificial Intelligence and has been in trend since the rise in popularity of conversational AI. When it comes to communicating with machines, NLP offers some of the best tools and techniques to facilitate the conversation in a human language.

Starting from review analysis to intelligent chatbots, there are a variety of interesting applications of NLP. While a lot of potential of NLP has been explored, a lot more is yet to come. With an increase in the interesting applications of NLP across the industries, there has been an increasing demand amid professionals to understand the technology, its working and developing interesting applications based on it. To facilitate the same, this workshop comes up with a learning dose where the participants will get hands-on exposure to implementing NLP techniques in Python from scratch.