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CDS Video Series | Section 09: Programming Frameworks for Data Science


The course includes pre-recorded video tutorials, notebooks, and learning materials.

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The Programming Frameworks for Data Science course by The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) is designed to help professionals acquire a strong foundation in Python programming for data science. The course focuses on essential Python libraries, including, Pandas, SK-Learn, Tensorflow and PyTorch, and explores how these libraries can be used to preprocess, analyze, and visualize data. 

The course covers fundamental programming concepts, such as data types, control structures, functions, and modules, and provides hands-on training in Python programming for data science. 

This course is ideal for those seeking to advance their skills in Python programming and preparing for Chartered Data Scientist (CDSTM) and Certified Data Scientist – Associate Level exams. With experienced instructors and practical exercises, this course offers an excellent opportunity to develop your programming skills for data science and stay ahead in your career.


Python Lists, Dictionaries, Arrays, Conditional statements, Loops, Data Frame, Functions, Object-oriented programming, Files, Exceptions, Sci-Kit Learn, Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Python tools for deep learning.