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CDS Video Series | Section 10: Business and Data Science


The course includes pre-recorded videos and learning materials.

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The Business and Data Science course offered by The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) provides a comprehensive overview of the intersection between data science and business strategy. The course will cover essential data science concepts, such as data preprocessing, data analysis, and machine learning, and apply them to real-world business problems, including customer segmentation, supply chain optimization, and financial forecasting. 

This course is ideal for those looking to bridge the gap between data science and business strategy, as well as those preparing for the Chartered Data Scientist  (CDSTM) and Certified Data Scientist – Associate Level exams. With experienced instructors and practical exercises, this course provides an excellent opportunity to expand your skills and advance your career in the rapidly growing field of data science.


Identifying stakeholders, Handling data privacy concerns, Determining problem-data science fit, defining problem statements for multiple stakeholders, understanding constraints and scope of data science projects, Defining and communicating business benefits, identifying data sources and creating initial reports, Decision Modelling.