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From Privacy to Fairness in AI


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“Responsible AI and AI governance also become a priority for AI on an industrial scale” according to Gartner 2020 hypecycle.

Machine learning(ML) and Artificial intelligence(AI) solutions are getting deeper in our day to day life. Currently, AI is empowering our convenience at the cost of our privacy. In the last few years, we have heard the news about big techs and startups facing lawsuits because of not compiling with new data governance laws. AI implementation in business has been facing several issues and challenges to solve them.

The aim of this workshop to empower ML/AI researches and industry leaders in understanding and mitigating the risk of AI. The workshop also provides a platform to exchange ideas and discuss some of the open problems in privacy, ethics and fairness surrounding AI.

FORMAT: Pre-recorded videos (More than 7 hours of content) & Colab notebooks