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Lattice | Volume 3 ISSUE-1



Temporal Graph Neural Network based Approach to Identify Safety Signals for Pharmacovigilance Analytics
Vishal Pandey,Pravar Kulbhushan,Sakshi Tyagi,Sudipta Mukhopadhyay,Jacob Vishal,Rik Das,Indrajit Kar
Publication Year:2022

Thermal Occlusion Synthesis (Tos): A Novel Data Synthesis Framework for Improved Poacher Spotting to Aide Wild Life Conservation
Anil Prasad,Vibhav Patil
Publication Year:2022

Credit Card Fraud Detection using Feature Engineering and Machine Learning
Varun Aggarwal,Anurag Mukherjee,Shikhar Baid,Preeti Aggarwal
Publication Year:2022

Baseline Sales Prediction Using Linear Regression on Retail Big Data
Udit Shrivastava,Ray Uwe Hidaka
Publication Year:2022

Delivery Issues Identification from Customer Feedback Data
Ankush Chopra,Mahima Arora,Shubham Pandey
Publication Year:2022

An Ensemble Model for Face Liveness Detection
Avinash Patel,Mrinal Haloi,Asif Salim,Shashank Shekhar
Publication Year:2022

Predicting incremental sales in personalised marketing campaigns with Netlift science
Saruchi,Sanjay Shukla
Publication Year:2022

SEAD: Simple Ensemble and Knowledge Distillation Framework for Natural Language Understanding
Moyan Mei,Rohit Sroch
Publication Year:2022

Application of Machine Learning to Identify Health and safety risks in Construction industry
Ria Nag,Padmakumar Nambiar
Publication Year:2022

Leveraging AI for unlocking cross- sell growth in B2B SAAS Industry
Namrata Hanspal,Rashmi Agarwal,Sanjeev Chidambaram
Publication Year:2022