Lattice | VOLUME-2, ISSUE-3



Predicting Custom Ad Performance Metric using Contextual Features
Dushyant Rai Tara,Divyaprabha M,Prateek Kulkarni
Publication Year:202359-63

Crop yield prediction using a Hybrid Long Short-Term Memory-Gauss Newton optimization algorithm (LSTM-GNOA) model
Krish Bansal
Publication Year:202350-58

Analysis of Sectoral Profitability of the Indian Stock Market Using an LSTM Regression Model
Jaydip Sen,Saikat Mondal,Sidra Mehtab
Publication Year:202342-49

Hyper localization of leaks in piping and cabling systems using reinforcement learning
Pranav Parnerkar,Anindya Chatterjee,Indrajit Kar
Publication Year:202333-41

Global-Local Scalable Explanations Using Linear Model Tree
Aditya Lahiri,Narayanan U. Edakunni,Alireza Zaheri
Publication Year:202326-32

Classification of Quasars, Galaxies, and Stars Using Multi-Modal Deep Learning
Sabeesh Ethiraj,Bharath Kumar Bolla
Publication Year:202319-25

Time Expression Extraction and Normalization in Industrial Setting
Piyush Arora,Bharath Venkatesh,Salil Rajeev Joshi,Rahul Ghosh
Publication Year:202311-18

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