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Telecom Churn and Valued Customer Retention

Author(s): Ishi Khamesra, Srinivasarao Valluru


Enterprise Telecom services is an immensely competitive market the world over, with tailor-made tariff plans complimented with rebates making reaching targeted profits to be an astronomical challenge. Consumers are the lifeline that firms have a huge challenge in retaining today. Customer Churn, the standard industry buzz word could turn out to be a nightmare for any established service provider, so whilst there is always a renewed focus on bringing new customers that call for intense investments and resources, maintaining existing ones is relatively inexpensive. The advancements in predictive modelling are one step in the right direction that alleviates churn for telecom service providers. We propose a progressive analytical approach to predict customer churn one month ahead and the churning pool derived by means of consumer segmentation to identify high values among potential churn customers, aided by advanced analytics that takes into account the churn severity level, churn priority, etc., to provide a persona-based treatment plan for consumer retention. This will ultimately lead to increased revenue with an ever-growing customer base.

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