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Unlocking the Power of AI: A Deep Dive into Triad Image Classification

Explore the cutting-edge Triad Approach in image classification, redefining AI precision without conventional labeling hassles.

Sabarish Vadarevu, the Machine Learning lead at Akridata, took center stage at the Machine Learning Developers Summit (MLDS) 2024, offering a captivating exploration into the realm of zero-shot image classification. Armed with a rich academic background, including a Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Southampton and a bachelor+ in Aerospace from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Sabarish brought a unique blend of theoretical depth and practical expertise to the forefront.

Enhancing Zero-Shot Image Classification

In his talk, Sabarish introduced a revolutionary method to push the boundaries of zero-shot image classification. He initiated the discourse by addressing the prevalent challenges in the domain, emphasizing the expensive nature of labeling, which has hindered the widespread deployment of computer vision models.

Foundations in Computational Fluid Mechanics

Sabarish’s journey commenced with a connection between his academic roots in computational fluid mechanics and the challenges posed by zero-shot image classification. Drawing an analogy between fluid dynamics simulations and image classification intricacies, he laid the foundation for his triad approach.

Crafting Intuitive Queries for Model Training

The first pillar of Sabarish’s triad approach unfolded with a focus on prompt refinement. He highlighted the significance of crafting intuitive and precise queries to extract nuanced information from machine learning models. By refining prompts, Sabarish demonstrated how the accuracy of image classification could be significantly elevated, presenting a solution to the labeling bottleneck.

Navigating Uncertainty for Robust Results

Continuing the exploration of his triad approach, Sabarish delved into the critical realm of confidence calibration. Recognizing the inherent uncertainties in AI models, he elucidated the importance of calibrating confidence scores. This meticulous process, he argued, ensures robustness in classification outcomes, particularly vital in real-world scenarios where the stakes are high.

Strengthening Predictive Power through Collaboration

The final facet of Sabarish’s triad approach, ensembling, brought forth a collaborative strategy to enhance predictive power. Drawing parallels with the harmonious collaboration of instruments in an orchestra, he showcased how the combination of multiple models, each contributing its unique strength, results in a more formidable and accurate prediction engine. The synergy achieved through ensembling, he argued, acts as a safeguard against individual model biases.

From Aerospace to AI Platform Development

Sabarish seamlessly connected theoretical concepts to real-world applications, emphasizing the versatility of the triad methodology. From optimizing fluid dynamics simulations to steering the development of low-code, data-centric AI platforms at Akridata, he illustrated the adaptability and potency of his approach.

Nurturing Talent and Fostering Innovation

Beyond the technical nuances, Sabarish shared insights into his role as the Machine Learning lead at Akridata. His leadership philosophy, rooted in a blend of academic depth and practical experience, offered a glimpse into the dynamics of steering a team in the dynamic landscape of AI development. Nurturing talent and fostering innovation emerged as cornerstones of his approach.


Sabarish Vadarevu’s talk at MLDS 2024 unveiled not only the intricacies of his triad approach but also provided a glimpse into the future of image classification. From foundational principles inspired by computational fluid mechanics to real-world applications spanning aerospace and AI platform development, Sabarish’s discourse left an indelible mark on the audience. As the realm of generative AI continues to evolve, Sabarish’s insights stand as a guiding light, steering the discourse toward innovation, precision, and collaborative excellence. His triad approach, a testament to the convergence of academia and industry, promises to reshape the landscape of zero-shot image classification and propel AI into new frontiers.

Picture of Shreepradha Hegde

Shreepradha Hegde

Shreepradha is an accomplished Associate Lead Consultant at AIM, showcasing expertise in AI and data science, specifically Generative AI. With a wealth of experience, she has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills in leveraging advanced technologies to drive innovation and insightful solutions. Shreepradha's dedication and strategic mindset have made her a valuable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and data science.

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