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ADaSci launches its chapters to boost the worldwide data science ecosystem

ADaSci plans to make the community more active and accessible to its members through chapters.
ADaSci Chapter

The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) is starting its chapters at the level of states and countries with the aim to make the community more active and accessible to its members. An existing member of the ADaSci from respective geographical proximities will be in charge of leading these chapters. With this initiative, ADaSci plans to boost the data science ecosystem globally by conducting more activities and programmes that are easily available to community members. The goals of the ADaSci chapters are:

  • To conduct more activities for its members and help them better in their professional growth.
  • To provide a platform for connecting with professional peers in a particular geographical area.
  • To make the ADaSci community more accessible to its members through the chapters.
  • To pay closer attention to the professionals and talents and give them recognition for their skills and achievements.

Where can a chapter start?

The chapters will be formed across the countries. In larger countries, like the United States or India, the chapters will be formed at the level of states. For instance, ADaSci California Chapter or ADaSci Karnataka Chapter. However, countries with smaller geographical proximity will have only one chapter at the national level, like the ADaSci Norway Chapter or ADaSci Singapore Chapter.

Chapter lead

One of the ADaSci members in the given geographical proximity will lead the chapter. Currently, ADaSci is inviting nominations from community members who are interested in leading a chapter. The ADaSci panel will interview these candidates before the lead position is offered to them. 

Eligibility criteria for chapter lead:

  • A member of The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci).
  • A professional working in corporates or academic institutions.
  • Minimum four years of work experience in data science or related field.

Benefits of being a chapter lead:

  • Global recognition of executing leadership works.
  • Leading activities of the world’s largest data science professional body.
  • Career achievements of organising events and activities for a global organisation.
  • Getting sponsorship and support from ADaSci for organising data science events.
  • Networking and fame in the data science profession. 
  • Professional experience gained from the entire contribution.

An ADaSci chapter lead will have the following detailed responsibilities:

  • Leading the ADaSci Chapter: The chapter lead will lead a team of members who come from their specified geographical proximity. Whenever ADaSci plans an event, the chapter lead will contribute to it along with their team members. They will motivate the team members and recognise their efforts towards the association.
  • Organising Events: The chapter lead will be expected to organise events such as conferences, workshops, and meet-ups related to AI, Data Science and Machine Learning in their specified geographical proximity routinely.
  • Presenting Awards: The chapter lead will inform members belonging to that chapter to submit nominations for the award as specified by ADaSci. The chapter lead will plan a meet-up or workshop where these awards can be given to the winners on a voting basis. 
  • Correspondence with ADaSci/Team Members: The chapter lead will be communicating with the concerned persons from ADaSci regarding the updates about their chapter. They are also responsible for communicating the necessary information and updates to their team members.
  • Growth and Improvement: The chapter lead will be working with the aim of consistent growth and improvement of ADaSci. For the same, they will be expected to put in front of ADaSci any matter which leads to the upliftment of this association.

Awards by ADaSci

ADaSci is also starting awards in different categories to be given to its members to recognise their commendable achievements. These awards will be given to winners in meet-ups or other events organised by their respective chapters. The chapters will invite nominations from its members for these awards and an expert selection committee will then decide the winners based on the details provided. 

Sponsoring events organised by ADaSci chapters

Each ADaSci chapter will have a reserved budget for organising events in their proximity. ADaSci will be sponsoring the events organised by its chapters. For this purpose, chapter leads can share the event plan with budgetary requirements with ADaSci. There will be a panel which will evaluate these requests and release a budget for the successful organisation of events. 

A member can nominate themselves for chapter lead by filling up this form.

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