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Generative AI is a game-changing technology and now is the time to take maximum advantage of it. In our previous course, we introduced Generative AI and helped attendees learn how to implement its models in real-world problems. This time, we’re going deeper and presenting how to utilize Generative AI at the enterprise level. 

In this course, we will build industry-relevant use cases and generate high-level data to train advanced AI models that can solve complex business problems like customer analytics, personalized marketing, fraud detection, risk management, and more. Finally, we will use Generative AI models for underwriting and other documentation purposes. Overall, This course will demonstrate how Generative AI can solve complex business problems more accurately and with less effort.

Learning Outcomes


Generative AI in Action: Intuition Generative AI in Action: Handouts Generative AI in Action: Video Session Generative AI in Action: Quiz