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Build your first game using Reinforcement Learning


The course includes pre-recorded videos. ADaSci Members receive 50% discount.


We have been hearing news of the artificial intelligence system outperforming humans in many tasks, some of the noticeable victories by AI are AlphaGo, DOTA2, StarCraft II etc. Reinforcement learning in a domain in machine learning requires the agent in the potentially complex environment to learn and achieve a goal under uncertainty. Reinforcement learning is applied to various fields like robotics, pattern recognition, personalized medical treatment, drug discovery, speech recognition and many more.

This workshop will learn about reinforcement learning and deep reinforcement learning, building games, and other essential algorithms in reinforcement learning. If you are a beginner-level data scientist or interested in learning advanced ML/AI topics, in that case, this course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of reinforcement learning theory and programming techniques.

FORMAT: Pre-recorded videos (More than 5 hours of content) & Colab notebooks