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How does Institutional membership with ADaSci add value to a brand?

Any corporate, organization or academic institution having common interests in data science or relevant fields can become a member of ADaSci. 

Every organization puts its level-best effort into making its products and services the best of all. Mostly these efforts go into building a solution or starting a program that should be far better than its competitors and help them stand out in the competition. Even if the product or service is unique, it does not get better recognition all the time. This is the reason why most of the organizations look for a platform where they can get better recognition for their brand and a wider reach to the audience. The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) provides such a platform where individuals and institutions get recognition for their brands and earn credibility on the global level. 

Why need a membership?

There needs to be a medium, a community or a channel through which a brand can get proper recognition for its products and services. Even if the products are compelling, they need attention and credibility. Membership in a global professional body helps organizations achieve this. The professional body not only helps give a wider reach to the products and services, but it also develops the confidence of consumers’ side for being credible as belonging to the part of a global body.  

When an organization grows up, it also needs to take care of the professional development of its manpower. It needs to be aligned with the present expectations in the field and the employees’ current path of skill development. A global professional body like ADaSci always offers such skill-building and improvement programs depending on the present trend and expectations. Having a membership in such a body always lets the affiliated persons of the organization learn and grow from time to time. 

About ADaSci

The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) is the premier global professional body of data science and machine learning professionals. It leads in the development, dissemination and implementation of knowledge, basic and applied research and technologies in analytics, decision-making, and management. The ADaSci serves as a focal point for data science, permitting them to communicate with each other and reach their professional goal, as well as the varied clientele of the profession’s research and practice.

In order to support the data science and machine learning community, ADaSci runs different programs. It primarily focuses on providing a platform for sharing knowledge and enhancing the skills of community members. ADaSci also helps give global recognition to the skills in data science and machine learning. Chartered Data ScientistTM (CDSTM) is the highest distinction in the data science field that is given by ADaSci to professionals who meet certain requirements. Apart from CDSTM, ADaSci also offers Certified Data Scientist – Associate Level certification to recognize talents on a global level. 

Besides community building and talent recognition, ADaSci provides different learning and skill enhancement opportunities. It hosts a journal named Lattice, through which researchers can make their research works available to others. ADaSci also conducts workshops on the latest skills frequently to provide a continuous learning opportunity to the community.

Membership with ADaSci

ADaSci offers its membership to individuals and institutions. A person having an interest in the data science and machine learning field can join ADaSci membership in an individual capacity. Data science professionals, aspirants, academicians, researchers etc., can become members of this global body of data science professionals. On becoming a member of ADaSci, a person gets recognition as a member of the global professional body, and along with it, they avail of several other benefits.

Other than joining ADaSci in a personal capacity, an institution having an interest in the data science field can also join to become a member. Any corporate, organization or academic institution having common interests in data science or relevant fields can become a member of ADaSci. 

What do institutions get after becoming an ADaSci member?

Becoming an ADaSci member not only gives recognition to the institution on the global platform, but it has many other benefits as well. Let’s understand what major outcomes the institutions get once they become an ADaSci member. 

An institution gets its presence on the global platform and is recognized worldwide after becoming a member of the global body of data science and machine learning professionals. It helps to get them getting a wider and global audience for their programs, services and other offerings. Membership in a global professional body like ADaSci adds value to the brand of an organization and increases its credibility. 

Besides the recognition and brand value, there are many other benefits the persons affiliated with the institution also get once the institution becomes an ADaSci member. The affiliated persons get seamless access to many learning and skill improvement opportunities provided by ADaSci. Access to all the research papers published in Lattice, the machine learning journal of ADaSci, is provided for free to affiliated institutions. As ADaSci organizes frequent workshops and conferences, the members get entry to these either for free or with a significant discount on registration fees. 

ADaSci also runs a continuous learning program through which it tries to enhance the knowledge and skills of the data science community. In the continuous learning program, it provides learning materials to learn and practice important data science and machine learning skills. The members of ADaSci get access to these resources either for free or at a significant discount. 

To give recognition to the good talents in the data science field, ADaSci offers the popular credentials – Chartered Data ScientistTM and Certified Data Scientist – Associate Level. Affiliated persons from the ADaSci member institutions get a very good discount on registering for the exams for these credentials. 

Nevertheless to say, becoming a member of ADaSci gives not only recognition of the brand on the global level but also brings a lot of opportunities for its affiliated persons. On one side, the institution gets a global reach for its programs and services; on the other side, its affiliates get unlimited learning and skill development opportunities.

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