Smart Irrigation System Using NodeMCU-12E

Author(s): Abhishek Kumar, Dr.Pradyut Sarkar


In India, agriculture plays a very important role. The Indian economy is also greatly affected by agricultural, as about 70 percent of the total population is directly or indirectly depends on agricultural-related activities. A farmer has to go to the farm to check the water level in the field and to turn on and turn off the water pump, sometimes even in the middle of the night. This problem can be overcome by improving old methods of farming. A new system can be developed or designed which transform the old traditional farming into smart farming. This paper tries to design a simple water pump controller by using a soil moisture sensor and Esp8266 NodeMCU-12E. A Message Queue Telemetry Transport protocol is used for transmitting and receiving sensor information. Depending on the status of soil moisture content NodeMCU-12E controls a water pump action and displays the soil moisture sensor data and water pump status on a web page or mobile application. In this way, a secure, flexible, trust-able and economic system is developed to solve above mentioned agricultural irrigation problem.This microcontroller NodeMcU-12E controls the function of water pump and transmits the data of the soil moisture sensor, weather prediction through DHT11 Sensor on a web page interface like ‘Thing Speak’ or mobile application like ‘Telegram’ and alarm system in cell phone through SMS and e-mail. This inexpensive & flexible as well as secure system that is designed to solve irrigation as well as crop management problem for the rural India.