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Driving towards building high-performance Analytics Team: Strategic View

Author(s): Shalini, Rupesh Khare


Engaging with multiple organizations trying to recognize and use the predictive power of Analytics compels us to bring all those journeys in a crisp way here. While we understand many organizations getting their hands dirty in analytics, around 20% of them only succeed in relishing the real power of it. Some organizations start analytics with Intellectual curiosity, while some do it with a few pilot projects, and few by targeting huge challenges in mind at the start of journey. Our observations looking at diversified routes taken by organizations say all they lack in common is a structured approach and clear strategy. Organizations usually see their effort falling short in leveraging data available to them and become frustrated. With this study, we propose a generic analytics framework that can assist Leaders trying to establish a new analytics team or reorganise existing teams. The first half of the paper revolves around a framework that is the result of extensive work experiences of the authors in starting a new analytics practice and observing counterparts in doing so. Typically, we understand C-suite recognizes the great vision and key dimensions, but nonetheless, sometimes tend to ignore the structured framework of these dimensions and their execution. Our framework is here to help you ease out in identifying those dimensions and giving them a structure that could be apt for a user to apply in the current situation. The latter half of the paper covers a framework that is apt for an existing analytics team facing various execution challenges or struggling to grow up. Our work will navigate and assess the present scenario of the team in terms of data size and Insights, and binding it with the overall vision, it will recommend the route. The model and outcome from this model might look simplistic, but the impact it will have on the strategic vision, and structured approach will be monumental. The frameworks proposed can help the company become Artificial Intelligence driven and hence improve performance.