Lattice | Vol 1 Issue 3



InnovFaceNet: Deep Face Recognition for Industrial Environments
Nagarjun Gururaj,Kanika Batra
Publication Year:202350-54

S&P 500 Stocks Movement Prediction using Deep Learning
Rahul Gupta
Publication Year:202341-48

Stock Price Prediction Using Deep Learning Models
Jaydip Sen,Sidra Mehtab,Gaurab Nath
Publication Year:202334-40

Graph-based Embeddings to Optimize Website Segmentation for Digital Ad Campaigns
Vyom Pankajkumar Bhat,Dushyant Rai Tara
Publication Year:202327-33

Default Rate Prediction Models for Self- employment in Korea using Ridge, Random Forest and Deep Neural Network
Dongsuk Hong,Hanjong Baeck
Publication Year:202321-26

Imbalance Handling with Combination of Deep Variational Autoencoder and NEATER
Divye Singh,Jayaraman Valadi,Hrushikesh Bhosle,Aamod Sane,Kanchan Kalunge
Publication Year:202316-20

Covid-19 Tele Health Solution
Bhagvan Kommadi
Publication Year:202310-15

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