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Professional bodies provide better networking opportunities to connect with others working in the field of interest. It also provides learning and knowledge dissemination opportunities across the network, which helps its members’ professional growth and development. Some of the professional bodies also give recognition to the bright talents in the field through different programs. 

ADaSci is one such professional body in the data science field, having a worldwide presence. This is considered one of its kind and the world’s biggest data science professional body. It not only provides networking opportunities but also helps in the professional growth of its members through different programs. Here we will understand in detail the membership in ADaSci and its benefits for data science professionals. 

Why ADaSci

The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) is the premier global professional body of data science and machine learning professionals. ADaSci serves data science professionals’ scientific and professional needs across the industry and academia. It serves as a focal point for data science professionals, permitting them to communicate with each other and reach their professional goals, as well as the varied clientele of the profession’s research and practice.

ADaSci is the world’s largest community of data science and machine learning professionals. It provides professionals with an opportunity to network with their professional peers. ADaSci also gives credentials to recognize and reward great talent in data science and machine learning space. It offers professional development opportunities through continuous learning and identifies opportunities. 

ADaSci Membership

ADaSci offers its membership to individuals and institutions. Any individual interested in the data science field can become a member of ADaSci in a personal capacity. Similarly, an organization, a corporate or an academic institution engaged in activities in the data science field can also join ADaSci as a member. 

The individual’s membership in the body gives recognition to a person, whereas membership in an organization gives recognition to the brand and brings multiple values to the organization. Important details about institutional membership in ADaSci can be checked here

ADaSci Individual Membership

ADaSci invites persons to join this global professional body of data science professionals. It can be an individual association of the person with the body. Anyone working in the data science field or interested in data science, AI, Machine Learning or relevant fields can become an ADaSci member.  

Becoming a member of ADaSci gives global recognition to a person as part of the world’s largest professional body in the data science field. This also gives recognition to the interests and commitments of the person towards the data science field. Other than recognition, these members also get a lot of professional development opportunities and other offerings from ADaSci. 

ADaSci also maintains a membership hierarchy to give proper value to its continuing members. This membership hierarchy is as follows:

  • A person is designated as a Member of AdaSci for initial 2 years of membership.
  • In the 3rd, 4th and 5th years, the member is designated as a Senior Member of ADaSci.
  • From the 6th year onward, the member is designated as a Distinguished Member of ADaSci.

This hierarchy in membership helps get deserved recognition to the members who have spent their time with ADaSci in order to make a contribution to the data science community. This can also be considered a timely and transparent promotion of the committed members. 

What benefits do members get?

ADaSci members get a range of opportunities and benefits which result in professional growth and development. These members get many skill-enabling benefits from ADaSci and recognition as global professional body members. Some of the key benefits and opportunities for ADaSci members are listed below.

  • Recognition:  Get recognized globally as a member of the global body and the world’s largest community of data science professionals.
  • Part of a network: Be known as part of a worldwide network consisting of data science leaders, professionals and aspirants on board. 
  • Grow with time: Join as a member of ADaSci and get promoted to the next levels in the membership hierarchy, senior member and distinguished member over the years. 
  • Learning resources: Get unlimited resources to learn and upskill in the field of data science, AI and machine learning. Most of these resources are free for members or are available with significant discounts.
  • Research papers: ADaSci publishes research in frequent issues across the year that covers the research works in data science and machine learning. Members of ADaSci get access to these research papers free of cost.
  • Save money on registration fees: All members get very good discounts on registering for ADaSci credentials. They get a 30% discount on Chartered Data ScientistTM and Certified Data Scientist – Associate Level exam registrations. 
  • Event passes: ADaSci organizes different events, such as conferences and workshops. Members get free passes to ADaSci or its partner’s events.
  • Industry Updates:  ADaSci updates its members with the latest trends and developments in the data science industry via its weekly newsletter, The Dispatch.

Considering these offerings and benefits, it is doubtless to say that becoming a member of ADaSci is worth it. This membership not only gives global and professional recognition to the persons who join it but also brings a lot of value. More details about the ADaSci membership can be found here.

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