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Genpact Launches SkyDive Global Campus Academy 2024 with ADaSci

Bridging academia and industry, SkyDive transforms fresh graduates professionally.
genpact skydive

In an era marked by rapid digitalization and evolving industry landscapes, the demand for skilled talent has surged exponentially. To bridge the gap between academic learning and industry expectations, Genpact, in collaboration with ADaSci, has unveiled the Genpact SkyDive Global Campus Academy 2024. This comprehensive training initiative marks a pivotal step towards facilitating campus-to-corporate transformation for fresh graduates.

The SkyDive Global Campus Academy 2024, launched with great enthusiasm, witnesses the enrollment of two batches comprising approximately 350 eager and enthusiastic fresh campus graduates. This initiative builds upon the success of previous iterations of the program, which have seen numerous batches of fresh hires successfully complete the training and transition into productive professionals in the corporate world.

SkyDive Key Building Blocks

The significance of the SkyDive program lies in its unique approach to talent development and its focus on addressing the evolving needs of the industry. At its core, the program aims to equip fresh graduates with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset required to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. Let’s delve into the key building blocks that make the SkyDive program a standout initiative:

  1. Back to Basics: The journey begins with foundational learning modules that cover essential concepts such as MS Excel, SQL, and Statistics. These micro-learning nuggets serve as the bedrock upon which participants build their expertise.
  2. Expert Masterclasses: Hands-on workshops led by industry experts provide participants with invaluable insights and practical experience. These sessions delve into advanced topics relevant to the business landscape, allowing participants to hone their skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals.
  3. Industry Colloquium: The program offers participants a unique opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of current industry trends and practices through industry colloquiums. Led by industry leaders, these sessions provide valuable insights that help participants align their skillset with industry requirements.
  4. Hands-on integrated labs: Dedicated lab sessions offer participants the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. These hands-on exercises enable participants to gain practical experience with tools and platforms crucial for business operations.
  5. Ignite-Innovate-Invent: One of the standout features of the SkyDive program is its focus on fostering innovation and problem-solving skills. Participants are tasked with tackling real-world business challenges, encouraging them to think creatively and develop viable solutions.
  6. Gravitas: Recognizing the importance of soft skills in professional success, the program includes intensive sessions on personality development. Participants undergo training to enhance their communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills, empowering them to navigate the corporate landscape with confidence.
  7. Campus to Careers: The program offers participants invaluable insights into career pathways and opportunities within Genpact. Through interactions with past participants and industry veterans, participants gain a deeper understanding of career trajectories and potential growth avenues within the organization.
  8. Joy@Work: To foster camaraderie and team spirit, the program incorporates various fun activities and events. From birthday celebrations to quizzes and contests, these activities create a vibrant and engaging learning environment, ensuring that participants remain motivated and enthusiastic throughout the program.

Final Words

In essence, the Genpact SkyDive Global Campus Academy 2024 stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in talent development. By providing a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, the program not only prepares fresh graduates for the demands of the corporate world but also empowers them to drive meaningful impact and contribute to the success of their organizations. With its focus on holistic development and industry relevance, the SkyDive program paves the way for a successful transition from campus to corporate life, setting participants on a trajectory towards professional growth and success.

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