An Ensemble Model for Face Liveness Detection

Author(s):Avinash Patel,Mrinal Haloi,Asif Salim,Shashank Shekhar


In this paper, we present a passive method to detect face presentation attack a.k.a face liveness detection using an ensemble deep learning technique. Face liveness detection is one of the key steps involved in user identity verification of customers during the online onboarding/transaction processes. During identity verification, an unauthenticated user tries to bypass the verification system by several means, for example, they can capture a user photo from social media and do an imposter attack using printouts of the user’s face or using a digital photo from a mobile device and even create a more sophisticated attack like video replay attack. We have tried to understand the different methods of attack and created an in-house large-scale dataset covering all the kinds of attacks to train a robust deep learning model. We propose an ensemble method where multiple features of the face and background regions are learned to predict whether the user is a bonafide or an attacker.