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Time Series Analysis and Forecasting for Beginners to Advanced


The course includes pre-recorded videos. ADaSci Members receive 50% discount.


Automation is the key to become more efficient in industrial processes or corporate business metrics. The key to automating a process involves an in-depth understanding of time series data across different verticals. Time-series data analysis helps find issues in the system and forecast the values to prepare for the future. Time series forecasting is used in many domains like weather forecasting, stock market, energy demand, retail etc.

In this workshop, we are going to learn about time series data and its characteristics. We will learn about some of the baseline methods and deep learning techniques to predict time series data.

Key Takeaways:

  • A hands-on session to time series analysis
  • A hands-on session to time series forecasting and tools
  • Certificate for Hands-on sessions on Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

Required Tools:

  • Any editor to run the python programs (preferably Google Colab Notebooks)
  • High-speed internet connection with a Laptop/ Computer