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Chartered Data ScientistTM is a prestigious distinction provided by the Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) to the professionals in the field of Data Science. This charter is provided to those professionals who satisfy certain requirements. To achieve this distinction, the aspirants need to successfully pass the exam. This is a self-study program where the aspirant needs to prepare on their own for the exam and hence, there is no need to attend any training for this. 

What is Training and a Training Certificate?

There are a number of training institutes available who are engaged in providing training to candidates in the field of data science. The candidates are trained on the skills through the lectures and practical sessions. Some of those training institutes provide a certificate to the candidates on the completion of a training program. Very few training programs are followed by a test to check the knowledge candidates have gained during the training and a certificate is given to those candidates who clear the test. The important thing is that these types of certificates achieved after training are never considered as professional certificates. 

What is Professional Certification?

A professional certification program is always offered by a professional organization or a society. These certification programs aim to provide recognition to the candidates who achieve this. The certificates are offered to those who meet certain requirements such as educational qualification, the domain of working, experience etc. Almost all the professional certifications are preceded by an examination and candidates need to pass this examination with required scores. 

The Difference between a Training and a Certification Program

Here we will discuss how a professional certification like Chartered Data ScientistTM is different from a data science training. First, we will discuss the differences between a training program and a certification program.

 Training ProgramCertification Program
PurposeThe candidates are trained on a skill or a subjectThe candidates are tested on a skill
ProviderAny training institute, coaching, academic or professional bodyA professional organization or society
ApproachDelivered through the lecture and practical classesConferred after meeting certain criteria, such as exam
Who can achieveAnyone, no criteria or eligibility requiredFor every certification, there is a fixed target audience who meets a certain requirement
Availability in the marketplaceFor one skill, you can find multiple training providers in the same locationFor every certification, there is only one unique provider
ShowcasingYou will have to showcase your knowledge yourself every time that you have gained in trainingThe certificate proves your knowledge, you need not showcase your skills every time
Weightage in JobVery less weightageMore weightage as it certifies the skills
CommercializationMost of the training programs are started as a business activity by the providerIt aims to provide identification and recognition to the talented candidates
CostAlways high and it depends on the duration of trainingVery low as compared to a training

Chartered Data ScientistTM (CDSTM) – A Professional Certification Program

The Chartered Data ScientistTM is a designation provided to the professionals in the field of data science. This is not just a certificate but a designation that can be added with the name of its owner. The CDSTM charter shows that the holder is certified in a particular skill. This charter is not limited to certifying a person in one or a couple of skills. It has a more open scope where the holder of this charter is proved to be an expert in all the domains of data science, technically and analytically. Along with the knowledge, the holder is also required to carry at least two years of experience as a data scientist. The holder is also required to be committed to following certain ethical standards in the field of data science. 

Chartered Data Scientist is Not a Training Program

The CDSTM is not a training program where a candidate is provided with training on a data science skill. As it is a self-study program, to take part in this, the candidates need to prepare himself/herself. The ADaSci provides a detailed curriculum for CDSTM exam and suggests reference study materials. It does not take any charge for study material or training. 

CDSTM is used as a Designation

Finally, we will conclude that CDSTM is not a training program where the candidates are required to attend any training on a data science skillset. It is a distinction in the field of data science that is provided to the professionals. The CDSTM is used as a designation by the people who hold this charter. The designation itself proves a strong understanding of the data science profession and in-depth applied analytical skills.

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